Unity 3D and Faceshift

The faceshift plugin brings the accuracy and detail of real facial expressions to Unity’s powerful blendshape system. — Brian Amberg, CTO
The faceshift unity plugin brings great facial animation into the reach of every game developer ‎Unity 3D is a game engine, offering a very fast way to create 3D computer games. Nowadays, most games need face animations, and with projects such as Autodesk Pinocchio face rigs become available, even for indie developers. The latest Unity release 4.3 contains support for blendshape models, catering for high quality animations.


But even with rigs available in Unity, it is still a tedious process to keyframe an animation, and 2D based tracking methods just don’t give the necessary quality. This is where faceshift comes into play. With faceshift and a depth camera you can simply become your character, and drive it with your own face. And today, jointly with the Unity 4.3 release, we publish a free Unity plugin to map faceshift expressions onto arbitrary Unity assets. You can find the tutorial on our official documentation and the video tutorials directly on this page.

Get it

You can download our plugin from the unity store:

Unity Video Tutorials

The first video tutorial explains how easy it is to map animations onto unity characters. Animations are captured in faceshift, exported in .fsb format and dropped onto characters inside of unity. Then the user has to define for each of the parameters that faceshift tracks what the corresponding blendshapes combinations in unity are, and can write out an animation.

The second video tutorial shows you how to drive your unity character live using faceshift studio.

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